About us

Free your environmental thinking for a better clean world

Mr. Jahangir Mirza Founder & Chairman ETS Group

ETS International is developing environment friendly and highly efficient cleaning chemicals for cleaning, corrosion prevention and de-rusting problems.

Our aim is to replace dangerous and toxic products with environment friendly & safe products.

Till today, industrial cleaners have always been aggressive, not biodegradable and often poisonous. Cleaning of airplanes, military vehicles, refineries and machines is expensive due to the extreme cautions and regulations to avoid the free flow of solvent particles. This makes the total chemical cleaning cost much more expensive than just taken the actual cleaning product cost into account.

To solve this problem, we are offering water-based, solvents free cleaners which are best substitutes and good or even better than existing conventional solvent based harmful cleaners. ETS products are environment friendly, safe for the application and safe for the workers. These can replace dangerous and toxic substances like solvents, tri-chlorethane 111, acetone, acids, perchlorethylene, toluene, alcohols and many other.

In line with the convention of Montreal Canada’s and the United Nations Environmental Program our products meet the strongest U.S. and European Regulations for solvent free cleaning processes. Several ETS products are confirmed with Airbus, McDonnell Douglas and Boeing specifications and approved by NATO (NSN) - NAMSA and Eurocopter. Furthermore all chemical substances used in our products are REACH confirmed with the European Legislation. A full range of ETS products can be used in the HACCP cleaning and disinfection programs.

ETS products can be used throughout a broad range of industries as oil & gas, military, aircraft & aviation, automotive, pharmaceutical, construction, metals, textile, shipping & offshore, rail-road transportation, maintenance & production, food & beverages industries.

Besides our business and due to our long practical experience, we have been asked by many customers to offer a complete solution. By consequence we are able to assist and help you as well with:
> Cleaning equipment such as industrial cleaning machines, ultrasonic tanks, high pressure applications, surface cleaning machines (floor cleaning, vapor cleaning, injection extraction machines.
Furthermore we offer specialized equipment for aircraft exterior and runway cleaning.
> Water treatment: disinfection of drinking water for livestock, Reverse Osmosis filter units etc.
> Oil free metalworking fluids (also minimum quantity lubrication products) to replace the known mineral oil based coolants. > Fuel saving additives reducing CO2, NOX and fuel consumption with at least 10% and more.

We are constantly providing and developing new products on demand of customers for their specific cleaning problems, please feel free to call our local representative for a compact cleaning solution who also offer different cleaning services.

Specifications & Advantages of ETS Products

> 100% safe to use on all kind of metals (ferrous or non-ferrous), plastic, lacquer, paints, floors, walls, ceilings, textiles, painted and unpainted surfaces etc. Harmless to copper, brass, leathers, plastics, vinyl, pvc, rubber & aluminum etc. Fluently bio-degradable ( > 85% in 28 days - OECD specs ). Remove all oil, fuel, grease, engine exhaust & dirt from surfaces. Surpass the performance of standard alkaline cleaning agents. Removes unpleasant odors, leaves a pleasant smell. 100% degreasing of all surfaces. Semi DRYWASH applicable. > Safe to use in High Pressure Ultrasonics Bubbel Bath Dip Tanks and any type of cleaning machines as well as manually using mop or brush. > Most of products are classified as non-dangerous goods HACCP. Non-poisonous, non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-toxic. Products group is also certified as Halal, German foods & beverages health controlling authorities(Bundes Gesundheit & Vitenär Amt) and worldwide leading labs and organisations. Water Danger Class: 0-1.

> Shelf Life above than 48 Months (4 years) > Fast intense cleaning action outclasses other Cleaners > Very economical in volume consumption > Clients & Users worldwide > A replacement for chlorinated dangerous cleaners > Bioderuster removes deep rust on all types of materials > Makes surface anti-static, reuseable over and over again > All products are in concentrated form which can be diluted with clean water even sea water for applications as per specific cleaning requirements.