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AquaSmarter Provides Perfect Water:

Invented by Dr. Stephen Verdon, the AquaSmarter "Submersible Ionization Technology" is based on the use of 5-Essential Minerals:  Silver, Copper, Palladium, Zinc and Carbon. 

The AquaSmarter Ionizing Capsule lasts for 12 full months and does not require the need for electricity, constant maintenance or special plumbing.

The AquaSmarter Ionizing Capsule is simply placed into liquids such as water, diesel fuel, milk and juices which passes through the Specially-Designed Patented Ionizing Capsule and automatically regulates the Copper Ions (Cu++) and Silver Ions (Ag+) produced from the AquaSmarter Capsule when submerged in these various type liquids. This process is also known as Electro Galvanic Action.

A large portion of the Ions produced by the AquaSmarter Technology saturates the silica sand contained in the filter which due to its enormous surface constitutes an additional determination facility and prevents formation of bacterial colonies. Together with the water passing through the filter, a number of ions arrive to the basin, where they propagate their anti-bacterial and algaecidal effects.

Several studies conducted at NASA
and several Major Universities University of Pittsburgh

have proven the high effectiveness of copper and silver ions. Once released into water, these cations with their active surfaces act as powerful and natural disinfecting agents. Within just fractions of a second, the positively charged copper and silver ions form electrostatic bonds with the negatively charged areas of the micro-organisms' cell membranes. This process alters the permeability of their cell walls to that effect that the nutrient intake (photosynthesis) of the micro-organisms is impaired. Once copper and silver penetrate a cell, they attack the sulphur-based amino acids in the cell proteins required by the cell for photosynthesis. As a result, photosynthesis becomes impossible, and the cell becomes inactive.

It has already been known for centuries that silver destroys bacteria and viruses, even those which are resistant to chlorine. Silver sulphate is frequently used in the antibacterial treatment of burns and open wounds and is even used to protect newborns. As is known by a variety of publications, silver ions sustainably strengthen the immune system of the human organism.

As a trace element, copper plays a vital role in human metabolism. Copper is essential to the activity of many proteins and enzymes. It promotes the formation of skin pigments and has important functions in bone metabolism and in the central nervous system. As the body is not itself capable of producing copper, it must obtain copper from nutrients (such as vegetables, wholemeal bread, nuts, oats).   The maximum permissible value of copper specified by the German drinking water regulations is 2 mg/l. Thanks to the AquaSmarter technology, we provide perfect water with copper levels of 0,2 mg/l.   Most of the classical electrode based ionization equipment needs copper levels of 0,5 to 0,7 mg/l to achieve acceptable results. The electrodes are not precise, very sensitive for calcium deposits and need a lot of maintenance.

The most important advantage of copper and silver ions is however that they achieve a highly efficient steady effect in water and hence provide sustained protection by disinfecting the water without the use of any toxins over a lengthy period of time. Even after the filter system has been switched off, this depot effect lasts for more than 2 weeks. Thus, there is no need for repetitive monitoring and readjustments requiring attendance.

The AquaSmarter technology is straightforward to operate and requires no maintenance. It has been demonstrated that copper and silver ions eliminate Cryptosporidium, E. coli, coliforms, Pseudomonas and legionnella as well as many other species of bacteria and germs, including chlorine-resistant varieties. This water disinfection technique can be used in practically all situations where lasting disinfection of bacteria, viruses and algae is required. It is already operational in thousands of swimming pools and whirlpools.