3 Kinds Of HACCP Instructions

Globally there are 3 kinds of instructions to declare by HACCP.

These are:

  • Work instructions
  • Operating instructions
  • Control instructions

Work instructions

A work instruction for example is cleaning the tiled floor in the salesroom. Here by is previously defined what cleanser, which equipment and what handling is to be used.

Operating instructions

An operating instruction has to do with the equipment. For example how does an user exactly handles a microwave oven. On what temperature are hot snacks kept and for how long?

When are the goods declared?In technical terms this is called a critical marginal utility. Besides the approach of all possible risk products in the assortment, also the total hygiene-approach should be examined. Cleaning of the workroom, the salesroom, the equipement and so on. This whole cleaning process must also been explored in a schedule so that not just every employee is notified, but also can be checked that it has really been done. That goes further than the hygiene codes. Hereby also the critical controle points (CCP's) must be determined.

Control instruction

An example of this CCP is keeping food that needs cooling.In a control instruction can be written:What are the norms? Cooling temperature 4 C, keep for maximum 48 hours.Who is the supervisor? The one who serves the chek-out.Way of controle? Visual control temperature meter, expiry date. And so on.