Esters Intro



100% natural product

Environmental friendly, Biodegradable

The fatty acids from sustainable Palm oil are converted by a biological reaction to Nano fatty ester particles with a size of 4-7Nm.

The products are HACCP certified.

These Nano fatty ester particles are used in the following industries and applications:

Is used a demulsifier to separate oil and water, treatment of Produced water

Performs as a pour point depressant by keeping wax from crude oil in suspension

To improve the oil/water/solid separation process of the hydrocarbon recovery process from crude oil tank bottom sludges (ETS No Man entry tank cleaning and sludge treatment proces).

Improves the separation of condensates, glycol, water(salts) in the dehydration unit of the Natural Gas production process.

Stabilise/reduce the growth of yeast, fungi and bacteria in pig feed.

Increases the building of PO4 in the feed.

Reduces the building of phosphates in pig waste with 60-70%

Can be used in dry and wet feed for pigs, poultry and cows.

Unique performance in combination with product ETS-Biogawas, which is used to eliminate NH3/NH4 odour and generates a high quality fertilizer.

Reduces and controls the building of NH3/NH4 during the transport of fish

To optimise and stabilise the balance between acid forming bacteria and methane forming bacteria in the production of Biogas.

Reduction and control of NH3/NH4, reduction of COD levels in several types of waste water

Excellent performance because of the ester OH groups and the Hydrogen bridge activity.