ETS NANODIAMOND is an unique 99,99% pure (carbon) nanodiamond product produced by detonation technology.

No metals are present. Used in engine oil this pure Nanodiamond product generates a fuel saving between 6% and 12%.

The product is successfully used for several years in the Mining industry with Cummins engines, trucks, busses, generators, taxis, couriers, ships, motorcycles, etc

The product is tested according ASTMD-2783, ASTMD-9786/74 and ISO-20623/2003 standards.

General info

ETS Nanodiamond: Guaranteed Performance

Our pure Nanodiamond product is an unique pure Nanodiamond product in the world with a great practical performance. Dosed into an engine lubricant it generates fuel savings between 6-12%.

The Nanodiamonds form a very hard and inert protection layer on the metal parts which reduces the friction up to 80%. Pure Nanodiamond can be used up to a temperature of 836°C.

This Nanodiamond layer will protect the engine parts against sand and dust which will reduce the engine maintenance cost on the long run as well. Specially for engines operational in the mining industry or the Middle east this is an important benefit.

Example fuel savings of a Mining company in the EU using our product for 5 years:

Using our pure Nanodiamond product in a Hitachi EX 2500 Excavator a fuel saving of 9,21% is achieved which is equal to Euro.52.000,- savings per 7 months, with a diesel price of E.1,00 per liter.

Benefits of our 99,99% pure Nanodiamond product:


Provides significant fuel economy from 6 to 12%


The engine power is increased up to 12%


Protects against burns and loss of oil.


Facilitates starting when the engine is cold


Reduces wear with 60 to 70%.


Reduces the coefficient of friction - with 40 to 80%


Reduces operating temperature


Ensures quiet work of the engine


The engine will not block when out of oil for up to 60 km


The product is environmental friendly (carbon), and is resistant against all chemicals.

Our Nanodiamonds can be used at a temperature up to 836°C and is therefore an excellent coating for several materials in different industries.

For more info, contact ETS Int local Represent or ETS HQ Germany.