Specially designed to meet the most stringent Regulations. NONSOL®6 : Heavy duty solvent free cleaner for industrial general maintenance where light corrosion inhibitor is needed. Applicable on ferro and nonferro. Suitable for cleaning: Crude Oils, Grease Deposits, and Carbonaceous residues. For valves, machine parts, products, wheel bearings or whatever applications in tool shops, production and maintenance activities. Longer lifetime ca. 3 x longer than solvent types. NONSOL®6 used warm ca 50 OC. NONSOL®6 warm is used for heavy applications or to speed up degreasing working and drying time.


  • Non- flammable, Solvent free, Non-poisonous, Phosphate free, Non toxic.
  • High bio-degradability, Product de-emulsifiers.

Replacement for:

  • NONSOL®6 is a replacement for organic solvents (aliphatic hydrocarbons, white spirit, thinner etc.), chlorinated products and solvent/emulsioncleaners.

Directions for use: General Cleaning:

  • NONSOL®6 is a ready to use product. Depending of the nature and thickness of the grime: use cold for general light cleaning, use warm (50 degr.C ) for heavy cleaning and/or quickly drying. Use in spray, bucket and brush or cleaning unit. Units available in different sizes also inwarm version. Ask product information if needed. Spray the surface to be cleaned with NONSOL®6, Brush in , Allow some time ( general: 10 sec.) for the product to work in, remove dirt by brush. Let it dry, when corrosion-inhibitor ( +- 7 days) is needed. Or use compressed air to speed up drying time, if needed. When to be painted rinse withplenty water or use Economic.


  • Spray the surface to be cleaned with NONSOL®6, brush in, allow a short time for the product to work in (10 seconds), remove dirt by brush. Let it dry. An ideal product when a corrosion-inhibitor is needed to prevent corrosion onset for up to 7 days. Use compressed air to speed updrying time, if needed. When the cleaned item is to be painted, rinse with plenty water or use ets product, ECONOMIC 1:50. NONSOL®6 can safely be used with all methods of cleaning: High-pressure spraying, circulation cleaning, manual cleaning, etc. Anti-foam formulations are available if needed.


  • 25 Lltr., 210 Ltr., 1,000 Ltr.

Nato Stock Numbers:

  • 6850-17-109-2268 200 Ltr


  • Do not store under 35°F / 2°C and not above 122°F / 50°C
  • Do not use below 35°F / 2°C.

Shelf life:

  • 4 Years
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