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Welcome to ETS International


Free your environmental thinking for a better clean world

Welcome to ETS International

ETS International Germany established in 2007 is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 13485 certified, offers completely environment friendly & bio-degradable solutions to take care of all your surface treatment, deep cleaning, degreasing, rust and corrosion control, air & spaces disinfection, drink & waste water treatment problems etc. ETS products are environment friendly and safe, can replace dangerous and toxic substances like solvents, tri-chloroethane111, acetone, acids, trekolene, spirits, petro chemicals, toluene, citric acids, soda, alcohols and many other. In line with the convention of MCUEP (Montreal Canada’s and the United Nations Environmental Program) our products meet the strongest U.S. and European Regulations for solvent free cleaning processes. ETS Products are confirmed and approved by Airbus, Boeing, Eurocopter, McDonnell Douglas Aircrafts, SMI-California U.S.A., Mil-PRFs, NATO (NSN) - NAMSA, GMP+ FSA, REACH, HACCP, Ministry of foods & hygienic Control Germany (Leverkusen) and from various international labs and organizations for standards & norms. ETS products can be used throughout a broad range of industries in the HACCP cleaning and disinfection programs as oil & gas, military, aircraft & aviation, automotive & container, metals & paints, food & beverages, recreation, water treatment, pharmaceutical, chemicals, hospitals, constructions, textile, paper, marine and shipping, offshore, rail-road transport, household, pvc-leather, plastic-rubber, surgical & metal instruments, football, workshops, production & maintenance industries, water treatment and more. After our long practical experience, we offer now a complete range of cleaning accessories, rust removing devices, disinfection and other cleaning equipment.

Specific Industries Solutions

The ETS product range provides customers in a variety of working areas with efficient solutions:

Why Choose ETS

ETS – Products will help your company to bear its environmental responsibility. They are:

  • Bio-degradable
  • Re-useable
  • Water-based
  • Solvent-free
  • Highly efficient customizable cleaning products & equipments
  • Cleaning staff training & Consultancy
  • Cost Efficient

ETS products can replace dangerous and toxic substances like:

Caustic Soda
Citric Acid
Trichloroethane 111