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Aviation Products


Aircraft Cleaner Fluid (Exterior) is a very powerful water based Exterior Aircraft Cleaning Solution for Aircraft and Helicopters. The product is solvents/silicons free and waste water friendly. Developed at the request of experts engaged in the business of commercial and military aircraft maintenance. High Ph-value produces vigorous and efficient cleaning effect. Product will not affect aluminum (contains special inhibitors)non-corrosive highly appreciated by users in the aviation industry for its optimal performance.


Aircraft Interior Cleaner | Aircraft Interior Special Cleaner is a very powerful Aircraft Interior Cleaner for hard surfaces Materials that can be used for all possible ( doors, kitchen, floors, walls, acrylic glasses) cleaning and degreasing operations. Solvents/silicons free and waste water friendly. High Ph-value produces vigorous and efficient cleaning effect.


Gel version of AIRCRAFT CLEANER developed to eliminate problems in cleaning difficult areas (under the aircraft, in engine and nacelle areas). Less product and less manpower is used in comparison to conventional Aircraft Cleaner Products. Can be custom blended depending on the specific application required and the system to be cleaned. Made for use in combination with a low pressure gel-spray system to obtain maximum cleaning efficiency.


AIRCRAFT HYDRAULIC CLEANER | REMOVER (AHFR) is a mix-blend cleaner based on fatty ester and designed to easily remove hydraulic fluid. AHFR has been tested and approved for AMS – 1526B specifications by SMI Inc, Miami, USA. Non-toxic, Non-flammable and No phosphates. High biodegradability (tested by TNO Delft, Netherlands). Classified as a non-dangerous preparation. Not subject to dangerous goods regulations. Quickly de-emulsifies, resulting in an excellent separation of oil and water.


AIRCRAFT POLISH is a high quality product for older (lightly discolored) aircrafts and helicopters, giving them a shiny colored surface again. Aircraft Surface Polish is an unique polish for renewal of (light) discolored paint.


AIRCRAFT SURFACE PROTECTOR gives a unique shiny protection coat for new and/or clean aircrafts and helicopters. Aircraft Protector 3 gives a coat and slows down building up road film and gives you easier cleaning and a shiny surface.


HARD SURFACE INT.CLEANER & DISINFECTANT is a cleaning and disinfecting agent for hard surfaces in the aircraft including: trays, toilet compartments (basins, toilets and surroundings), galleys, cabins (bulkheads, drop-down tables, etc.), armrests.


RUNWAY STRIPPER is a concentrated alkaline-based cleaner especially designed to remove rubber deposits and other contaminations from runway tracks. 100% biodegradeable, solvent free, nonflammable and non toxic. Safe for workers and environment. Can be disposed in the sewage system in accordance with the local legislation. Product contains a special mixtures of several ingredients which enable to remove very resistant rubber deposits on the runway track as well as greases and mineral oil pollutants. Removes the rubber contamination for 100% and does not harm the concrete structure of the runway track. Can be used water diluted maximum 1:1 according to contamination scale.


RUNWAY LIGHT TIRE CLEANER is a very powerful most safe water-base environmental runway light tire cleaner, which is 100% biodegradeable, nonflammable - non toxic. Safe for workers and environment. The product works itself and desolved the rubber residues and other carbon-oil heavy contiminations which can be washed up with low water pressure for safe runway lamp structure. Can be used water diluted 1:5 according to contamination scale.

Reduce man-hours associated with cleaning by up to 33%

Reduce down-time associated with cleaning by up to 47%

Reduce chemical usage by up to 55%

Reduce fuel consumption via a less drag

0.5% - 1.5% with fuel-saving (Please consult reference letters)

0.5% - 1.5% with fuel-saving (Please consult reference letters)

Improve customer opinion of aircraft and company

The first choice of the world-leading companies

Reduced dust accumulation in hangar

Water danger class - 0 –

100% safety product(all surface aircraft, nature and environment, human health)

Extend paint life

Shelf Life

4 Years

Tissue Wipes (Ink & Graffiti Remover)

Tissue wipes (ink & graffiti remover) are designed to safely clean ink screens and instruments, in-flight entertainment systems, in-seat and overhead (touch) screens, in-flight entertainment tablets, flight simulator screens, tablets with flight planning software, The two-part sachet contains one wet and one dry lint-free wipe with large size (180 x 210 mm) which makes it possible to clean several instruments or aviation screens at a time. The alcohol and ammonia free formulation used for the wet wipes will not harm the anti-glare coating of the screen and is also safe for other surfaces in the aircraft: metals (aluminum), plastics, (un)painted surfaces. The non-flammable product guarantees a streak free result and the cleaned surface will not show indication of static electricity charge.

Shelf Life

4 Years

  • Storage: Do not store under 35 °F / 2°C and not above 122°F / 50°C Do not use below 35 °F / 2°C.

  • Water Danger Class: 0.

  • Application: Rinsing ➡ Immersion Baths Pure down to 1:1 ➡ Circulating Pure down to 1:1 ➡ Steam Cleaning 1:10 down to 1:25 ➡ High-pressure Cleaning 1:25 down to 1:50 ➡ Hand or low-pressure Spray Pure down to 1:1

  • Advantages: ✓ Non- flammable, Solvent free, Non-poisonous, Phosphate free, Non toxic. ✓ High bio-degradability, Product de-emulsifiers. ✓ Lifetime is 2 times compared with Solvent degreasers.

  • Application: 1.Check that all instruments and/or screens are in the “power off” mode. 2. Gently clean the screen or instrument with the Wet wipe, then wipe dry using the DryWipe.

Aviation Services

We also provide following services for the Aviation industry with our wide spread partner network:

  • Logistics

  • Spare part support

  • Aircraft interior

  • Aircraft tooling

  • Ground support equipment

  • Cargo equipment

  • Airline insurance

  • Overhaul of engines PW, RR

  • Technical and maintenance assistance at the customers facility